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Welcome to regional hunters pack we are a pack in Alaska! The alpha female is Tundra and the Chief Hunter is Hunter we are a very nice communit! you will start out as a Rouge and then you will move up to newcomer and then you will do the ritual and become a full member! Join today come on we don't bite we'll maybe a little!

Two wolves of oppesite

Hold the power

against the beast with wings and fire

Revive the pack

stop the attack,

and destroy the evil that threatens them all...

Hunter, Zach, Moona and Climax are on a quest to save the alpha, and to do that, they must find tow wolves of opposite, whatever that means, what will happen? Will they succeed? You hold the power to help them, will you?

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Semi-Fantasy | New | High ranks needed

There once lived a great pack, a mighty pack. A pack so strong and enduring that they survived centuries of battles, famines, droughts, and natural disasters. This pack possessed the most strangest gifts, powers, some might say, and were born with the most unique markings and fur colors.

This mighty pack finally fell, however, when the wolves of the pack began losing their powers. Stress levels rose and conflicts broke out, and finally after moving to new lands in hope to find a way to gain back their powers, the wolves divided. After a great battle where much blood was spilled, the dark natured wolves formed one pack, the Inferno wolves, and the good natured wolves formed another, the Locus pack. Both packs are on edge and searching for a way to gain back their lost powers, all the while tensions brew between the packs.

Which side will you choose, bad or good?

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